Watch: A new Miley Cyrus-starring trailer for season 5 of ‘Black Mirror’ has arrived

Season 5 of 'Black Mirror' hits Netflix on June 5

A new trailer for season 5 of Black Mirror has arrived, and it sees Miley Cyrus playing the role of a performer in the technology-based sci-fi drama.

The forthcoming season is set to feature three new episodes in addition to December’s interactive film Bandersnatch. The enticing new trailer is filled with suspense as it cycles through the forthcoming episodes, featuring clips of someone wielding a gun, peculiarly friendly robots and, of course, Miley Cyrus’ performance. “Everywhere you look people are hooked onto things,” someone sporadically screams in the brief clip.

Watch the trailer for Black Mirror season 5 below.

Season 5 of Black Mirror hits Netflix on June 5th.