Watch: A new trailer for the Ozzy Osbourne documentary film is here

'Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy' will premiere at South by Southwest

The new trailer for Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy is here, and it sees Ozzy Osbourne navigating his lives as two different people: as his given name John and as Ozzy.

The 86-minute A&E-produced documentary, which will premiere at South by Southwest, is set to explore the Black Sabbath singer’s life, looking at everything from childhood to solo stardom to acting on reality-TV. Ozzy, Sharon, and Jack Osbourne all serve as executive producers of the film. The trailer comes packed with clips of Osbourne looking at photographs of himself as a child and joking around in Black Sabbath.

“I use the talent of making people feel somewhat entertained when I was goofing around – to take it onstage with my music, I suppose, is the same kind of thing,” Osbourne says in the clip.”

Watch the trailer for Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy below.