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Watch: A new video for Gord Downie’s ‘The Least Impossible’ is here

Following the release of his posthumous double album Away Is Mine, we’ve been gifted with a video for Gord Downie’s “The Least Impossible.”

The otherworldly new clip accompanies the track’s oblique instrumentals and stark emotions, as Downie sings lines like, “I try not to try/ I try not to know/ Up until thought itself asks/ ‘Where do you go?'” Director Sara Basso and illustrator Laura Arango focused in on this line to find the inspiration for the video.

“‘The Least Impossible’ is about a journey into the unknown,” Basso explains. “I wanted to visualize this by exploring a psychedelic trip within ourselves, one that pushes the limits of our imagination and tries to make sense of the things that defy our relative understanding. We transition through realms beyond our world, where space and time are abstract, mimicking the attempt to reach a higher state of consciousness in search of the greater truth.”

Watch the video for “The Least Impossible” below.

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