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Watch a Side-by-Side Comparison of the New ‘It’ Trailer and The Original 1990 Movie

I don’t know about you, but when I first watched the new It trailer, I immediately noticed the similarities between original 1990 paper boat scene and the one in this trailer.

With It coming out in 2017, there is definitely no shortage in dialogue surrounding remakes and their place in the movie industry. However, when directors of remakes take care to pay homage to the movie’s original counterpart, audiences can’t help but to appreciate the gesture. With this new trailer and its numerous parallels between the new and the old, I have high hopes for this particular remake. At least we know the director appreciates the 1990 TV series for all its quirks and imperfections.

Given the amount of apparent similarities between the two films, a YouTube user by the name of Matt Skuta has actually created a side by side comparison of the new It trailer and scenes from the Tim Curry original. Watch the comparison below.

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