Watch A Teaser For Coldplay & Peter Dinklage’s Game Of Thrones Musical

The Game Of Thrones star is teaming up with Coldplay for a fundraising comedy on NBC tomorrow night.

Tyrion Lannister, aka Peter Dinklage, is responsible for much of the comic relief on HBO‘s drama Game of Thrones and he’s now bringing that humour to a musical inspired by the show.

It’s part of NBC’s three-hour comedy special for Red Nose Day, a campaign to raise money for people living in poverty. Artists will come together to deliver a musical centered on the series’ character deaths (spoiler alert: there are many), which they hope will make you want to catch up with the series, with all the music provided by Coldplay.

Watch the teaser video for Game Of Thrones: The Musical below:

Red Nose Day will be aired tonight at 8PM Eastern on NBC.