Watch: A tense trailer for ‘Bird Box’ starring Sandra Bullock is here

Bullock can't trust her own eyes in the Netflix thriller

The first trailer for Bird Box, Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, is here and it features Sandra Bullock trying to make her way through a post-apocalyptic world full of impending terror.

Bird Box is based on a book about a pandemic that causes people to hallucinate their deepest fears, and drives people to commit suicide. The only thing that the surviving characters know about this mysterious force is that if you see it, it will take make you take your life.

“Listen to me: We’re going on a trip now, it’s going to be rough,” Bullock’s character tells two children in the trailer. “If you hear something in the woods, you tell me. If you hear something in the water, you tell me. But under no circumstances are you allowed to take off your blindfold.”

Watch the trailer for Bird Box below.

The new Netflix thriller is set to be released on the streaming service in December.