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Watch: A trailer for Ellen Page and Ian Daniel’s environmental documentary ‘There’s Something in the Water’ is here

Ellen Page and Ian Daniel have teamed up as co-directors to explore the devastating impacts of environmental racism in Nova Scotia in There’s Something in the Water, out March 27th on Netflix.

Inspired by the book of the same name by sociologist Ingrid Waldron, the documentary looks at the government’s complicity in the health issues affecting black and indigenous communities in Nova Scotia. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Page uses her platform as a filmmaker and activist to raise awareness on the government’s environmental policies and decisions — such as disproportionately dumping toxic waste and building factories near resident areas — and the people fighting those policies.

“In Canada, your postal code determines your health,” says Waldron in the trailer. “So we know that where you live has bearing on your well-being. Indigenous and Black communities are the ones that tend to be located near hazardous sites.”

Check out the trailer for There’s Something in the Water below.

There’s Something In The Water is out March 27th via Netflix.

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