Watch: Adam Sandler shares “Chanukah Song Part 4”

Have a happy happy happy happy happy Chanukah

“Instead of one day of Christmas, we get eight crazy nights.”

To be honest, I wouldn’t describe my 20-odd years of experience celebrating Chanukah as “crazy”, but as a fellow Hebrew I’ve really appreciated having an anthem for our sub-par Christmas-like holiday each year. In all fairness, Chanukah is one of the least significant Jewish Holidays. But with constant barraging of holiday tunes on the radio, neon lights and festive themed decorations, the emotional distress of Christmas leads to some serious fear of missing out.

That’s why, no matter how cheesy Adam Sandler’s sense of humor is, I will always appreciate his Chanukah anthems.

Happy Madison Productions has just shared Sandler’s recent performance of a the fourth editions of the “Chanukah Song”. The first version of which came out in 1994, following up in 1999 with Part 2 and 2002 with Part 3. Now thirteen years later we have a new one. Better late than never!

Check out the video in the player above.

Happy Chanukah!