Watch: Adele Disguised As Herself Tricks Adele Impersonators

'Jenny' is just your average 20-something nanny

Who knows how to imitate Adele better than the Grammy-award winning singer herself?

Since mainly staying out of the spotlight since the release of 21 back in 2011, the British singer has recently been dominating the charts and the internet, gearing up the release of her latest record 25.

In a special for BBC with Graham Norton, disguised with a fake nose and chin, Adele, — or ‘Jenny’ went backstage with a group of Adele Impersonator’s waiting to perform. Trading up her harsh Cockney accent to sound more like a “nanny”, Jenny made several humorous quips at Adele. Commenting on the nearly five-year disappearance, she criticized herself for “taking her time”, pointing out how business as an impersonator has slowed with an absence of new material.

Struck with stage fright before her performance, she eventually builds up some “courage” to sing her 19 track “Make You Feel My Love” in front of the other performers. Seconds into the performance they recognized her distinct voice and hand movements, which cued a total freak out.

Its hilarious and heartwarming. Check out the video in the player above.