Watch: Adele Previews “When We Were Young” co-written by Tobias Jesso Jr.

Adele sits down to chat with Tobias Jesso Jr. after recent collab

If you missed the news, a humble Canadian folk artist by the name of Tobias Jesso Jr. recently teamed up the British mega-star Adele. The pair co-wrote a track called “When We Were Young” for Adele’s upcoming record 25.

Jesso Jr., who admittedly is (and always has been) a massive fan of Adele, sat down with the singer while she asked him a number of questions about his childhood, musical influences, dream collaborators and more. You can tell by Adele’s questions, the pair have become close friends since their recent collab. Take a look at some of Jesso Jr.’s answers below, the rest of which can be seen at The Guardian. The preview of her new song is below.

On working with JR White, Patrick Carney and Ariel Rechtshaid:

“Well it all started with JR. I was a fan of his band, Girls, so I sent him a few demos after I had heard they had broken up. He wrote back pretty quickly and we went from there. Patrick Carney I met through my friend Dakota and I went to Nashville to record with him. He also played in the Black Keys so I was already fanboying out on him. Then Ariel came in pretty late; he recorded one song I had written after my album had mostly been laid down. Since then we touch base all the time with songs and things, he’s just super-supportive. I think it’s important, especially as an artist, to find those people in your life who you believe can do a job better than you. They all were that for me; they’ve very much become a part of my life.”

On learning Piano:

“Well, I have always had problems with my voice, and the piano helped me believe the song could be bigger than my voice, and I could play with new melodies and things that I couldn’t on guitar. It was easier to make the sound fuller, and easier to get away with not being as good. Piano is one of those instruments you don’t have to be good at to sound good – you just have to know where to put three little fingers, which is really pretty easy to figure out. I learned one of your songs first, haha! Someone Like You – great practice.”

On who he’d like to work with:

“Well it was you, ha ha, before we worked together. I guess now that that dream is realised, I’d say Kanye or Drake. I often find myself writing little ditties I can imagine becoming rap songs. Not the actual rapping part, just the chorus. I think a couple of the ideas we had when we worked together would be good for rap songs!”

Take a listen to a live preview of “When We Were Young”, the song co-written between Tobias Jesso Jr. and Adele, which starts at around 1:25 in the 60 Minutes Australia ad: