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Watch: Afroman Shares Pot-Positive Remake of “Because I Got High”

In response to the increasingly heated debate on pot legalization, Afroman has released a remake of his smash hit “Because I Got High” with more weed-positive lyrics. Watch the video below.

The original song features lyrics that actually seem anti-marijuana, such as “I messed up my entire life because I got high/I lost my kids and wife because I got high”.

Clarifying the notion that he “don’t care about nothin’, man”, Afroman updated the lyrics to lines like “I used to smoke cigarettes, but then I got high/getting tired and call it quits, but then I got high/I’m playing basketball and jogging and I know why”.

The new remix stresses the personal and political advantages to pot legalization, including safer distribution, health benefits, and increased state revenue.

(Fun fact: “Because I Got High” was actually nominated for the Best Rap Solo Performance Award at the 2002 Grammy Awards.)

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