Watch: Aladean Kheroufi shares retro video for ‘Sorry If I Hurt You’

A fun-loving new video from the Edmonton artist

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Aladean Kheroufi has shared a retro video for his new track “Sorry If I Hurt You.”

“‘Sorry If I Hurt You’ is about all the things you wish someone said after a relationship falls apart. Being kept awake wondering if that person ever thinks about what they did and what they would’ve said if they felt remorse,” Kheroufi explains in a statement. “I recorded ‘Sorry If I Hurt You’ at my home studio in Edmonton, Alberta with the intentions of the song being a demo.”

The gritty track revolves around a soulful guitar riff, as Kheroufi’s silky vocal lines push the track forward, as he delivers lines like, “Sorry if I hurt you/ I was too dumb to notice/ I was too young to hold this heart/ That needed me.” The accompanying clip sees Kheroufi singing along to the track in front of a wall of graffiti, as more and more food and beer gets plopped down on the table in front of him.

atch the video for “Sorry If I Hurt You” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Sebastian Buzzalino.