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Watch: Alex Nicol shares new video for ‘Trust’

Montreal’s Alex Nicol has shared a video for his new track “Trust.”

“‘Trust’ is about whatever meaning the listener finds in it,” Nicol explains. “For me, it’s about doing laundry (appreciating mundane tasks), honouring old traditions, striving to be a more ecological person, the realities of climate change on everyday life … we decided to roll with the idea that hanging dirty laundry exposes one’s ‘weaknesses’ in public. In this sense, dirty laundry is a synonym for our secrets, eccentricities, unique quirks – basically the basket of features that come to define each individual, in private and in public. I like to think that our socially mandated ‘weaknesses’ are actually our strengths.”

The accompanying Paz-directed video revolves around picturesque clips of dirty laundry hung everywhere from backyards to subway stations to flower shops.

Watch the video for “Trust” below.

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