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Watch: Alex Nicol shares trippy video for pandemic-inspired track ‘Mirage’

After releasing his debut album All For Nada in March 2020, Alex Nicol has shared a trippy video for his pandemic-inspired track “Mirage.”

“‘Mirage’ is a song about the questioning of reality, and the acceptance of the absurdity of reality,” Nicol explains. “I released it on the precipice of the Covid pandemic, just before the fabric of the world began to crumble. Now, nearly twelve months later, we share a music video for ‘Mirage’ that acts as a homage to the unbelievable (but very real) world we live in.”

Created with director Big Shot (George Simeo), the new clip explores the limits of reality, using powerful, trippy images to push the boundaries of what is and isn’t real.

Watch the video for “Mirage” below.

“This video is a surreal tribute to the absurd world we’re living in: where the fabric of social reality is called into question, and truth is a matter of opinion – just make sure you have enough views,” Simeo explains of the clip. “Welcome to Mirage, where every scene is tampered with, just enough, to leave you wondering ‘Is that really in the shot?’. We also explore the future of live-events in glorified isolation, the feeling of wanderlust with no place to go, and the secret plans of billionaires. Something for everyone!”
Lead photo courtesy of Stacy Lee.

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