Watch: ALIAS shares video for groovy new single ‘I Won’t Go To Heaven And That’s Alright’

ALIAS gets stood up on his wedding day in this new video

Montreal’s ALIAS has shared a video for his groovy, soulful new track, “I Won’t Go To Heaven And That’s Alright.”

The new song sees ALIAS looking at the gritty, fuzzed-out sounds of rock ‘n’ roll through a modern lens, adding his own alternative twist to his music. The accompanying video is just as retro, opening with ALIAS making his way through a red-lit church, appearing to get stood up at the altar before leaving and destroying the wedding ceremony.

“It’s a sad story of a lonely wedding, a dramedy about a loner getting married without a bride,” ALIAS explains. “All the intentions were good and everything was set, until the main character realizes he’s alone. I really wanted to focus on the mood, building the sense of the character pretending to be happy, but between the kitsch and fuzz, smiles and madness, he knows that he won’t go to heaven, but guess what…that’s alright.”

Watch the video for “I Won’t Go To Heaven And That’s Alright” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Camille Gladu-Drouin.