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Watch: André Ethier shares video game-style clip for new track ‘Wild Goldfish,’ announces forthcoming album ‘Further Up Island’

André Ethier has announced his new album, Further Up Island, which is set for release on May 28th via Telephone Explosion Records. As part of the announcement, he’s shared a video for his new track, “Wild Goldfish.”

“Wild Goldfish” is a soft, but catchy tune with some video game bleeps and bloops as Ethier croons overtop. The accompanying video, which was created by Eva Michon, follows Ethier as an RPG character, making his way through existential and banal life, hunting for some wild goldfish on Further Up Island.

The new album marks the final collection in a trilogy of solo records, following 2017’s Under Grape Leaves and 2019’s Croak In The Weeds.

Watch the video for “Wild Goldfish” below.

“These albums are a series using the same palette,” Ethier explains. “The tools Sandro and I used on all three of them are similar so that the songs can almost be interchangeable. It’s a way of giving time to a creative relationship so it can blossom, like developing a shorthand with a co-worker. Nurturing that process allows it to grow.”

When explaining the concepts behind the collections, Ethier says, “In the first, you establish the tools and build yourself a room, in the sequel you live in the room and imagine what’s outside, finally in the third… you escape?

Check out the tracklist for Further Up Island below.
Further Up Island Tracklist:

01 – “Are You Going”
02 – “Doodah Man”
03 – “Nature Compels Me”
04 – “Flies”
05 – “Rolling Stones”
06 – “Bc”
07 – “Slow the Wheel”
08 – “The Moon is Round and Empty”
09 – “Wild Goldfish”
10 – “You Ride My Mind”
11 – “Wild Blueberries”
12 – “I’ll Reject Myself”
13 – “On the Wheel”
14 – “My Mind”

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