Watch: Andy Shauf’s Foxwarren share video for ‘To Be’

New Wes Anderson-inspired video

Foxwarren, made up of Andy Shauf and his childhood friends Dallas Bryson, Darryl Kissick, and Avery Kissick, recently released their self-titled album. To promote their debut LP, they released a new Wes Anderson-style music video for the track “To Be.” The video was captured on 16 mm film, and focuses in on characters that stand on their own in wide-ranging settings.

Watch the video for “To Be” below.

Directors, Ft. Langley, had a tough time bringing the footage together with locations falling through, actors dropping out, and gear malfunctioning. “The final film manages to reflect, in its own scrappy way, the heartbreaking loneliness of Foxwarren’s song, despite breaking our own hearts a little along the way,” Ft. Langley explained.