Watch: Angels and Airwaves show story of unrequited love in video for ‘Rebel Girl’

Tom DeLonge and co. have released a video for their first track in 3 years

Tom DeLonge’s Angel and Airwaves have released a new video for their track “Rebel Girl,” which is the group’s first song in three years.

The video shows the story of unrequited love between teenagers, opening up with a boy and a girl in a room lit up with twinkling lights. The two share scenes of possible affection for another as they hang out on multiple occasions, showing the progression of unrequited love.

The boy is clearly pining for the girl, but she seems oblivious to it, because from her point of view they are just good friends. The boy stares at her completely doe-eyed while the girl gets ready for her date. As she leaves for her date, he discovers her diary, where she has written how she feels about him. Upon learning her true feelings, he is completely gutted as the pain he feels cuts deep emotionally and things take a turn as it gets physical and bloody.

Watch Angels and Airwaves’ video for “Rebel Girl’ below.