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Watch: Anna Shoemaker unveils video for ‘If You’re Going (I’ll Go)’

25-year-old budding alt-pop artist Anna Shoemaker has released a video for her recently released track “If You’re Going (I’ll Go).”

“‘If You’re Going (I’ll Go)’ is a snapshot of a relationship I was in where I was really just giving someone all of myself. It was a mess – a lot of partying and fighting and drama and bullshit but we were really all in and completely down for each other.” says Shoemaker.

“I was truly down to just ride and go wherever he went no matter what. It wasn’t sustainable by any means but while it lasted it felt like the real deal. Time is supposed to heal all but when I listen to this song the wound is definitely reopened. I’m instantly just thrown back into the magic of all of that and all the work I’ve done to forget about it is out the window.”

Watch the video below!

Shoemakers new EP, Everything is Embarrassing, is due out in early 2020.

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