Watch: Arcade Fire Inexplicitly Share Their Thoughts on The Federal Election

Win Butler gives his political opinion, without giving his opinion

Arcade Fire were in town last week for the premiere of their ‘Reflektor Tapes’ at TIFF, which documents the band touring, recording and working in Haiti for charity.

While speaking to Daily VICE about their film, the band was posed with an offhand question about their thoughts on the upcoming federal election. Though the band was formed on Canadian soil in Montreal, and most of the band being Canadian, Win and Will butler were born in Texas. Win explained why he couldn’t explicitly give his opinion:

“I’m an American citizen,” he says, “I’m not allowed to endorse as a public figure a Canadian [politician]. Like if I was like, the NDP you know for example… I wish the NDP would win the election that would be completely illegal for me to do. I couldn’t even say that, it’s crazy,” he quips.

Okay, okay, we get you Win, **winkyface**. Definitely NOT an endorsement.

Check out the video below via Daily VICE (skip to 5:40 for the interview):

For more information about the federal election check out Elections Canada website, as well take a look at Raina’s tips about what’s changed about the voting process this year.