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Watch: Arcade Fire offshoot Bell Orchestre share video for new track ‘V: Movement,’ announce first album in over a decade

Arcade Fire offshoot Bell Orchestre have announced their first new album in over a decade, House Music. As part of the announcement, the Montreal outfit has shared a Kaveh Nabatian-directed video for their new track “V: Movement.”

The new 10-track improvisational album is set to serve as “one long piece,” and it was created by the band during two weeks of distancing in an old house in isolation.

“Most of my favourite recordings have some element of an explorative and accidental feeling within the music, a feeling which reflects the truth of musical minds which are partially super focused on specific musical ideas and partially wandering, exploring the musical world surrounding those ideas,” the band’s Richard Reed Parry explains. “I think it’s really satisfying as a listener when you can hear a musical mind exploring an idea – not just a musician who has pre-formed an idea and rehearsed it 100 times until it’s totally perfect and ironed out.”

Watch the video for “V: Movement” and check out the tracklist for House Music below.

House Music Tracklist:

I: Opening
II: House
III: Dark Steel
IV: What You’re Thinking
V: Movement
VI: All the Time
VII: Colour Fields
VIII: Making Time
IX: Nature That’s It That’s All
X: Closing
House Music is set for release on March 19th via Erased Tapes/Envision Records.

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