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Watch: Arcade Fire Shares New Video for ‘Peter Pan’

Arcade Fire just released a new video for their song “Peter Pan” off of their most recent album, Everything Now. The video was directed by Storm Saulter and uses two versions of the song, one remix by Equinoxx and a dub mix by Jeremy Ashbourne.

The video showcases Maleik Lamont and Rayana Campbell, Kingston dancehall dancers who star as Peter and Wendy in the video. Their story plays out through Jamaican streets and clubs, and is supposed to be a “lo-fi teenage dancehall fairytale,” Ashbourne states.

Watch the video below.

The video is poetic and nostalgic, set across various backdrops including a rooftop during sunset, a hazy pink nightclub, and on a street illuminated by neon lights.

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