Watch: Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld shares captivating performance video for new single ‘The Top’

'Detritus' is set for release on May 14

Acade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld is readying her third solo album, Detritus, which is set for release on May 14th via Paper Bag Records, and today she’s shared a live performance video for her new single “The Top.”

The new video, which was directed by her Bell Orchestre bandmate Kaveh Nabation, was filmed at Brooklyn’s The Boiler in January when Neufeld was 8 months pregnant.

“Tension and release, movement and stillness, the promise of new life in a decrepit industrial space,” Nabation explains. “A pregnant musician’s striking performance transforms from enigmatic to emotional. Starting as a hauntingly lit figure playing music in a cavernous boiler room, we gradually move closer to her, both physically and emotionally, until we are inches from her face, seeing memories and dreams in her mind.”

Watch the video for “The Top” below.

“I’m a craver of challenge and intensity, so pulling off a 14 hour day on my feet in heels, in my changed body, dressed in clothing that didn’t hide, and performing one of the most difficult pieces I’ve ever written over and over again, felt right, a bit scary, and ultimately, very good.”