Watch: Arkells share video for new track ‘Quitting You,’ announce stripped-back album ‘Campfire Chords’

'Campfire Chords' is set for release on August 20

Arkells have announced a new album called Campfire Chords, which is set for release on August 20th. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a video for their new track, “Quitting You.”

Campfire Chords will come packed with reworking of some of their previous releases, as the band wants to rediscover “the singer-songwriter spirit that has long informed their trademark singalongs.”

“Quitting You” comes accompanied by a one-take video, self-shot by frontman Max Kerman on an iPhone 11 Pro.

Watch the video for “Quitting You” and check out the tracklist for Campfire Chords below.

Campfire Chords Tracklist:

01 – “Knocking At The Door”
02 – “Quitting You”
03 – “Years In The Making”
04 – “Whistleblower”
05 – “Michigan Left”
06 – “I’m Not The Sun”
07 – “Don’t Be A Stranger”
08 – “Come To Light”
09 – “A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)”
10 – “Eyes On The Prize”
11 – “Book Club”
12 – “And Then Some”
13 – “Kiss Cam”
14 – “My Heart’s Always Yours”
15 – “Hand Me Downs”
16 – “11:11”
17 – “Relentless”
18 – “Leather Jacket”
19 – “Take Me Home (Outro)”