Watch: Art d’Ecco shares flashy black-and-white video for new track ‘Desires’

'In Standard Definition' drops on April 23

While gearing up for the release of In Standard Definition on April 23rd via Paper Bag Records, Art d’Ecco has shared a video for his new track, “Desires.”

The new ’70s glam track comes packed with catchy, gritty guitar riffs and a driven drum line, as Art d’Ecco delivers captivating vocals over top. The accompanying black-and-white video comes packed with shots of Art d’Ecco and his band performing the track, as his shiny suit jacket flashes in the forefront.

“A tale born inside the dark underbelly of old Hollywood, then repackaged and reimagined as a rock and roll tragedy,” d’Ecco explains. “‘Desires’ is about the entertainer at the end of their career – soon to be phased out by the next wave of rising talent, and shifting audience tastes. For the old guard, this spectre of change is constant existential threat that will challenge their ability to keep up with the times and to remain relevant in this brutal industry of show business.”

Watch the video for “Desires” below.

In Standard Definition revolves around our fixation of celebrity culture and television, as Art d’Ecco exposes our unhealthy obsessions. “No matter where you live or what language you speak, there’s an entertainment god for you,” d’Ecco says of the album.

Check out the tracklist for In Standard Definition below.

In Standard Definition Tracklist:

01 – “Desires”
02 – “TV God”
03 – “Bird Of Prey”
04 – “Nothing Ever Changes”
05 – “I Am The Dance Floor”
06 – “Head Rush”
07 – “Channel 7 (Pilot Season)”
08 – “In Standard Definition”
09 – “Good Looks”
10 – “The Message”
11 – “Channel 11 (Reruns)”
12 – “I Remember”

Lead photo courtesy of Mike Pepperdine.