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Watch: Aurora releases powerful climate crisis video for ‘Apple Tree’

Norwegian pop artist Aurora has dropped a powerful new video for “Apple Tree,” which revolves around the climate crisis.

“Apple Tree” is “about the potential that hides in all of us. We can all save the world if we put our minds to it,” Aurora explains. “The world won’t listen to scientific proof that the world is dying, so maybe it will listen to the dreamers, the children. In a bleeding world the power of the individual is our only hope. Let he save the world. Let him save them all.”

When speaking of the powerful video, Aurora explains “Believe in us, and maybe we’ll be the generation that saves the world, rather than the one that killed it. The world is bleeding. It’s up to us now.” The clip sees Aurora dripping in blood and dancing along to the call-to-action track in a barren field.

Watch the video for “Apple Tree” below.

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