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Watch: Austra shares video for new track ‘Anywayz,’ announces forthcoming album ‘HiRUDiN’

Austra has announced her fourth album, HiRUDiN, which is set for release on May 1st. As part of the announcement, Austra has shared a video for the album’s opening track, “Anywayz.”

The upcoming record acknowledges what it’s like being in a toxic relationship, and how you can feel lost in a maze, landing back where you started after every turn. Where Austra’s last album Future Politics looked at external power structures, HiRUDiN looks inward as the artist looks at “regeneration, dealing with the fallout of toxic relationships, queer shame, and insecurity,” according to a press release.

Following the release of “Risk It,” Austra has shared “Anywayz,” which “explores the fear associated with leaving someone, and the terrifying realization that without them in your life, the rest of the world will continue unscathed as if nothing has changed,” Austra explains. The accompanying video is powerful in its vulnerability, providing the perfect backdrop to the track’s frantic falsettos.

Watch the video for “Anywayz” and check out the tracklist for HiRUDiN below.

HiRUDiN Tracklist:

01 – “Anywayz”
02 – “All I Wanted”
03 – “How Did You Know?”
04 – “Your Family”
05 – “Risk It”
06 – “Interlude i”
07 – “It’s Amazing”
08 – “Mountain Baby feat. Cecile Believe”
09 – “I Am Not Waiting”
10 – “Interlude ii”
11 – “Messiah”
Lead photo courtesy of Virginie Khateeb.

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