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Watch: Banksy’s Dismaland Releases Disheartening Commercial

Welcome to the “Happiest Place On Earth”, or the saddest – we’re not quite sure.

Banksy’s “beusement” theme park, Dismaland has been all over the news lately. Pictures and videos from first looks into the mysterious artist’s massive live art exhibition made headlines with the parks bizarre attractions. With live performances to be held by Run The Jewels, Massive Attack, Pussy Riot and more, no doubt it’s an attraction most wouldn’t want to miss. If you were planning on grabbing tickets to make the trip to the U.K. to see for yourself, the bad news is tickets have sold out, but at least you can watch the commercial and experience it for yourself right here.

The commercial satires commercials for vacation getaways, starting with the classic nuclear family bored of the same old, same old. “This is a theme park like no other,” the narrator tells the family, “A place where all your dreams come true.” Though not all of the family has the time of their lives. Walking though exhibits that deal with surveillance, immigration and paparazzi culture; mom, and dad come away looking deeply sickened.

Make you want to visit? Us too. Check the video above.

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