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Watch: Banners (Collective Arts Black Box Session)

Before striking out as a solo artist, Banners actually grew up singing in church choirs (and soccer stadiums) in his hometown of Liverpool, England. That could explain why his own material is so haunting, yet hopeful. His songs revolve around concepts of dreams, life, death, hope and despair. In an interview with Consequence of Sound, he described his single “Shine a Light”:

“The song is about feeling lost at sea and desperately searching for a beacon of light. It’s about waiting for that one big wave to finally pull you under while clinging on to that one last ray of hope. It’s a song to the person in your life that offers salvation while the storm is raging around you.”

Watch Banners perform “Shine a Light”, along with “Start a Riot”, live at Indie88 in the Collective Arts Black Box.

“Shine a Light”

“Start a Riot”

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