Watch: Bastille drops entertaining new video for energetic track ‘Joy’

Their forthcoming record 'Doom Days' drops on June 14

Bastille has just dropped a funny new video for their energetic single, “Joy.”

The clip includes a compilation of real CCTV footage that has been modified and embellished by directors Brain Wash. The video has been weaved together in a unique way, moving from lighter footage to darker scene, commenting of what people might do when no one is watching them. From photocopying body parts to rallies, this video addresses a wide range of scenarios.

“This video looks at the things that bring us joy, when we think no one’s looking,” frontman Dan Smith explained in a statement. “Things that are done secretly, maybe compulsively, that we wouldn’t want other people to see. What seems strange and unthinkable to one person might bring pleasure to someone else. It’s fascinating that most people have a version of themselves they want to show in public – at work or online – and a version they don’t. We wanted to show it all.”

Watch the video for “Joy” below.

Bastille’s forthcoming record Doom Days is set for release on June 14th.