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Watch: Bastille reveals music video for ‘Those Nights’

Bastille dropped their single “Those nights” on Tuesday, June 4th, and followed it up with a very interesting music video. The video opens up with lead singer Dan Smith on an old sofa as the camera spins in full 360, giving it a dizzy effect.

It is revealed that Smith is also on top of a group of unconscious bodies. The camera shots, combined with the various bodies of people and lyrics, gives the sense of searching for something or someone. The song offers up a feeling of longing, with a hope of searching and finding that special someone. The camera scans across many faces, as if Smith himself is looking for someone and has not found that person yet.

The lyrics greatly describe what the song is about. “When your friends are gone,/ when your holding onto someone to leave with/ Those nights when you crave someone/ to be there at dawn to wake with.” Near the end of the video, flashing red lights can be seen and the phrase “Doom Days” is written on the back of the couch in white, giving a little nod to their upcoming album.

Watch Bastille’s “Those Nights” below.

The Doom Days album will be released on June 14.

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