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Watch: Beach House score trippy video for Meow Wolf’s new exhibition ‘Omega Mart’

Baltimore art pop duo Beach House have made their return with “Marin’s Dreams,” a new music video for Meow Wolf’s new exhibition, Omega Mart.

The new seven-minute video was inspired by the Las Vegas supermarket installation, and the expansive, 52,000 square foot can be viewed in person at AREA15. The new clip tells the fictional tale of the imaginary Omega Mart CEO’s missing granddaughter, and it’s soundtracked by Beach House’s signature shoegazey sound.

“Marin Dram, granddaughter of recently missing Omega Mart CEO Walter Dram, has disappeared,” a plot synopsis reads. “But her dreams were left behind, revealing portals, aliens, and bisexual angst caught in a mirror beside her bed. Like many teenage girls, Marin has a difficult relationship with her overbearing mother Cecelia Dram, newly minted Dramcorp CEO. But unlike her mother, Marin has supernatural abilities – and they’re calling her. She just wanted to be normal, but normal was not an option.”

Watch the new video for “Marin’s Dreams” below.

Beach House also scored three of the four main areas in Omega Mart.

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