Watch: Beck jams out on a harmonica in video for track ‘Saw Lightning (Freestyle Version)’

Beck is wails on the harmonica for this freestyle version of 'Saw Lightning'

Beck has released a black and white video for the freestyle version of his single ‘Saw Lightning,’ where he plays his heart out on a harmonica.

The freestyle version sees Beck creating a blues-influenced rendition, as he reworks the track, tapping into his roots. The video opens up with Beck jamming on the harmonica, making for aone-man show, as it is only Beck, a microphone, and a harmonica. It is a raw and intimate performance, filmed completely in monochrome and directed by Giovanni Ribisi.

Watch Beck’s “Saw Lightning (Freestyle Version)” below.

Beck is preparing for the release of his upcoming studio album titled Hyperspace, which is set to drop sometime this year.