Watch: Ben Gibbard covers Fountains of Wayne track as tribute to Adam Schlesinger

Gibbard covered the 1996 track 'Barbara H'

Ben Gibbard covered a Fountains of Wayne track as tribute to lead singer Adam Schlesinger, who recently passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

During his Live From Home show on YouTube, The Death Cab for Cutie lead vocalist and guitarist covered 1996 “Barbara H.” from Fountains of Wayne’s self-titled debut album.

In the video Gibbard said: “I owe [Adam] a huge debt of gratitude because he was integral in picking ‘Me and Magdalena’ for The Monkees to record four years ago. And I always thought, as one does in life, that Iā€™d have plenty of time to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ or give a compliment, and that day obviously did not come. But, from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to him for helping me realize a lifelong dream, which was to write a song that would be recorded by The Monkees, a band that I grew up listening to.”

Watch Gibbard’s Live From Home session below. He covers “Barbara H.” at 42:49.

Gibbard does Live From Home shows at 9 p.m. EST every Thursday on Death Cab for Cutie’s YouTube channel.