Watch: Better Oblivion Community Center performs ‘Dylan Thomas,’ ‘Exception to the Rule,’ ‘My City’ on NPR Tiny Desk

Stripped back renditions of the dark, dreary tunes

Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst’s Better Oblivion Community Center appeared on NPR Tiny Desk where they performed stripped back renditions of “Dylan Thomas,” “Exception to the Rule,” and “My City.”

Each rendition, although stripped-back, still carries the duo’s dark, dreary tone, with layered acoustic guitar lines, moody vocal harmonies, and vulnerable, desolate lyrics. Oberst and Bridgers compliment each other perfectly throughout the performance, playing off of each other’s strengths while still making sure to have a little fun with the tunes they played, with Oberst even singing into a fake rubber microphone on the end of a chopstick.

Watch Better Oblivion Community Center on NPR Tiny Desk below.