Watch: Big Thief performs ‘Not’ and ‘Cattails’ in Brooklyn’s Bunker Studios

Following the release of 'Two Hands'

Following the release of their second album of 2019, Two Hands, Big Thief have dropped videos of them performing “Not” and “Cattails” live from Brooklyn’s Bunker Studios.

The live-in-studio clips see them delivering elaborate, raw performances from the studio. With gritty guitar lines, a driven drum beat, and all-encompassing instrumentals, frontwoman Adrianne Lenker’s voice still takes the lead as she delivers melancholic howls and intimate lines like, “It’s not the open weaving/ Nor the furnace glow/ Nor the blood of you bleeding/ As you try to let go.”

Watch Big Thief perform “Not” and “Cattails” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Mikey Buishas.