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Watch: Billie Eilish takes part in the same interview for the fourth year in a row

In 2017, a young Billie Eilish stopped by Vanity Fair for a video interview, and since then, she’s returned every year to answer the same questions and highlight the ways she’s changed.

In the 2020 instalment of “Time Capsule,” Eilish touches on her own identity crisis, her work on body image, the music she has yet to release, and way more. The 27-minute-long clip puts Eilish’s annual answers side-by-side to compare.

“For a while now, I’ve been really having an identity crisis a little,” Eilish explains. “I think it was December, I did some radio show performance, and the entire show I felt like I was pretending to be Billie Eilish. Like, I felt – I completely wasn’t looking at myself as myself. I was totally seeing it from not-my-own perspective and it was so weird. Happened multiple times at award shows and whatever. I felt like a parody of myself.”

Check out the interview in full below.

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