Watch: Billie Eilish talks plans for eco-friendly world tour

Each venue will have a "Billie Eilish Eco-Village" where fans can learn about climate change

Billie Eilish recently took to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where she discussed how she’s trying to make her forthcoming world tour “as green as possible.”

The “Bad Guy” artist announced that she’s teamed up with non-profit organization Reverb to make her Where Do We Go arena tour eco-friendly. On top of taking steps to do things in green ways, each venue will have a “Billie Eilish Eco-Village” where fans can learn about climate change and get inspired to make a difference.

“We’re actually bringing someone from Reverb, this company that basically specializes in the best and most healthy and green ways to do everything,” Eilish tells Fallon. “So there’s no plastic straws allowed, the fans are going to bring their own water bottles, there’s going to be recycle cans everywhere, because it’s like, if something’s recyclable, it doesn’t matter unless there’s a recycle bin.”

Watch Eilish’s interview with Fallon in full below.