Watch: Bishop Briggs releases powerful black-and-white performance video for new track ‘JEKYLL & HIDE,’ announces new album ‘Champion’

'Champion' is set for release on November 8

Bishop Briggs has announced her sophomore album Champion, and as part of the announcement, she’s released a powerful black-and-white performance video for a new track titled “JEKYLL & HYDE.”

“I released a new song called ‘Jekyll & Hide’ today. The title is spelt Hide not Hyde. GET IT!??!!!!! Word play gets me way too hype,” Briggs explains of the track. “I wrote this one with K.Flay and it was produced by Joel Little. In the chorus, we wrote ‘are you Jekyll & Hyde-ing me?’ as a way to describe the chaotic feeling of dating someone who has two very different sides. I hope you like it. And if you don’t, please don’t tell me. I’m far too sensitive to hear that.”

The gritty, dynamic track is definitely an energetic new anthem, revolving around Briggs’ innovative lyricism, with lines like, “Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?/ Where’s my mind?/ I can’t sleep in the dark.” The accompanying video is powerful in its simplicity, as Briggs performs in front of bright lights and flashing images of eyes, rushing lines, and galaxies.

Watch the video for “JEKYLL & HYDE” below.

Champion is set for release on November 8th.

Lead photo courtesy of Chelsea Brimstin.