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Watch: Björk debuts new stage show ‘Cornucopia’ in New York City

Björk has made her return with a new stage show called Cornucopia at The Shed in New York City, and the first “preview” production was last night.

Leading up to the premiere, Björk called the performance her “most elaborate stage concert yet, where the acoustic and digital will shake hands, encouraged by a bespoke team of collaborators.” Last night’s show saw her accompanied by a harpist, a percussionist, a full 50-member choir, and Viibra, a seven-piece all-female Icelandic flute ensemble. The show marked the first performance of “Show Me Forgiveness” since 2006 and “Venus as a Boy” since 2011, in addition to the live debut of “Future Forever” and “Body Memory.”

Watch clips of Björk’s Cornucopia performance and check out the setlist below.

Cornucopia Setlist:

“The Gate”
“Arisen My Senses”
“Show Me Forgiveness”
“Venus as a Boy”
“Blissing Me” (with serpentwithfeet)
“Body Memory”
“Hidden Place”
“Mouth’s Cradle”
“Features Creatures”
“Pagan Poetry”
“Sue Me”
“Tabula Rasa”

“Future Forever”

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