Watch: Blink-182 discuss why Lil Wayne walked off stage, threatened to quit co-headlining tour in new interview

They chatted about his doubts on their tour

Blink-182 have addressed the reason Lil Wayne threatened to walk off stage and quit their co-headlining tour in a new interview.

Back in July, Weezy reportedly walked off stage in Bristow, VA after just four songs. Several attendees at the show claimed that Lil Wayne revealed that he wasn’t into the crowd, and that it would “probably” be his last show of the tour before thanking Blink-182 and walking off stage. The following day, the rapper clarified in a tweet that he wouldn’t be quitting the tour.

Now, Blink-182 have finally chatted about Lil Wayne’s doubts on tour. “The one day where he walked off stage, he had said, ‘I just felt like they didn’t like me,’ so he walked off stage,” drummer Travis Barker told K-ROQ. “‘I didn’t want to put them through it. I just wanted you guys to be able to get on and do your thing.'”

Watch the interview in full below.