Watch: Blink-182 drop video for new 50-second single ‘Generational Divide’

From their forthcoming yet-to-be-titled album

Blink-182 are working on their yet-to-be-titled eighth studio album, and after releasing the first single “Blame It On My Youth” last month, the trio have dropped a 50-second track about growing older with “Generational Divide.”

The raucous, racing single comes packed with a heavy punch throughout the entirety of the brief track, as you hear a choir of rapidly-paced drums and wailing guitar lines. The track sees frontman Mark Hoppus singing about the band’s quickly changing sound as he sings lines like, “Is it better, is it better now?/ Are we better now, are we better now?” In a change of heart, the track feels more reminiscent of their old sound as Matt Skiba chimes in with a pop-punk style harmony.

Watch the video for “Generational Divide” below.