Watch: Blink-182 gift Lil Wayne a joint on stage for his birthday

They brought him a blunt on a silver platter

As a celebration of Lil Wayne’s birthday, Blink-182 gifted the rapper a joint on a silver platter on stage on Friday night.

While Lil Wayne’s birthday isn’t until September 27th, when he’ll be turning 37, their tour stop at Barclays Center in Brooklyn marked the final night of their co-headlining tour.

In the clip, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba take to the stage holding a small tray in his hands and offers it up to Lil Wayne, who laughs and yells “What the fuck?!” The rapper then grabs the blunt from the tray, gets the crew to light it, and thanks them once more. “My fucking brothers for life, man,” Lil Wayne says in the video. “They came on the fucking stage and gave me a blunt! I’m gonna smoke this.”

Check out the clip of the exchange below.