Watch: Bombay Bicycle Club celebrate World Turtle Day with 16-minute cover of the Grateful Dead’s ‘Terrapin Station’

Bombay Bicycle Club unite with Flyte for the cover

Bombay Bicycle Club have decided to celebrate World Turtle Day with a cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Terrapin Station.”

Bombay Bicycle Club’s cover of the track, which comes from the Grateful Dead’s 1977 album of the same name, sees the band uniting with Flyte for the 16-minute tribute. The accompanying video sees Bombay Bicycle Club performing and floating through the sea on the back of a turtle.

“Happy World Turtle Day everyone,” BBC explain. “As our most hardcore fans know, we go way back with the turtles starting with our Tour for Lulu. This year we decided that quietly celebrating this day just the 4 of us wasn’t enough. So here is our cover of The Grateful Dead’s epic ‘Terrapin Station’ featuring some beautiful vocals from our friends in Flyte.”

Watch the video for their cover of “Terrapin Station” below.

World Turtle Day aims to raise awareness for turtles and tortoises, encouraging people to take action to help them survive.