Watch: Bon Iver releases mysterious trailer

Scotiabank Theatre on October 6

Bon Iver have been working on a new project and the word is out after they released a teaser trailer for it this morning.

The video, which is titled “Sincerity is Forever in Season,” is in the format of a trailer for a film, and comes narrated by a cinematic voiceover reading off descriptions of the seasons, ending with, “Sincerity is forever in season, in the dark you gotta sing like you see the sun, sing the song for those who sing along, you, me, we.” The video shows montages of idyllic rural landscapes, animals, and the overall beauty of nature, along with the tagline “Keep it Restaurant.”

Watch Bon Iver’s teaser trailer below.

Bon Iver will be playing at the Pitchfork Music Festival Paris in November and they will also be going on tour from July to October starting in Europe and ending in North America. They will be coming to Toronto, performing at the Scotiabank Theatre on October 6th.