Watch: Bon Iver Shares ‘Cercle’ Performance Videos

Performances of “Creature Fear,” “Michicant,” and “Heavenly Father"

Armed with a brand new backing band, Justin Vernon’s latest Bon Iver lineup have taken over Sydney Australia’s Opera House for their special Cercle live performance series.

While the better part of fans couldn’t afford the trip down under, last week brought a taste of the new concert format after backstage footage of Vernon’s Bonnie Rait cover “I Can’t Make You Love Me” appeared online.

As Pitchfork reports, VIVID Live have just released three songs from Bon Iver’s Opera House performance. Each are professionally shot with high quality audio — so while we wait for a new record that Justin Vernon is “definitely” working on, this is the next best thing (for now).

Take a look at “Creature Fear,” “Michicant,” plus “Heavenly Father” sung a capella with backing vocals by the Staves sisters.