Watch: Bon Iver shares mini documentary that shows his preparation for upcoming North American tour

Catch Bon Iver at the Scotiabank Arena on October 6

Bon Iver has shared a behind-the-scenes look on his preparation for his upcoming North American Tour, as well as a discussion of the creation of the upcoming album in a mini-documentary.

The documentary Bon Iver: Autumn has a run time of 11-minutes and sees frontman Justin Vernon discussing the origin and formation of his upcoming fourth album i, i. He discusses that he wants his album to have an intimate feeling, despite the large scale of his live shows. “There’s similarities and tributaries through all the Bon Iver records leading to this one and that still flow through this one. It’s an expansive sound,” Vernon explains. “We’re pushing more air. It’s not as focused on just the guitar sometimes.”

The technology that will be used for the tour is also mentioned in the documentary. In the light show, a motion-tracking technology will be used, which features diamond shapes along with an immersive three-dimensional sound design. There is also footage of Vernon performing his recent track “Hey, Ma” during his rehearsal for the tour.

Watch the mini-documentary Bon Iver: Autumn below.

Bon Iver announced earlier this month that he will be having advance listening parties for the new album around the US on August 7th. So far, a total of four tracks has been released which are
“Hey, Ma,” “U (Man Like),” “Faith,” and “Jelmore.”

Bon Iver will be performing in Toronto at the Scotiabank Arena on October 6th.