Watch: Bon Iver, Soccer Mommy perform on Bernie Sanders livestream

Bon Iver even debuts a new track

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Soccer Mommy both performed on Bernie Sanders’ recent livestream, which was discussing the coronavirus pandemic.

Vernon’s performance saw him performing “Towers” and “Blood Bank” before debuting a new track called “Things Behind Things Behind Things” and covering Bob Dylan’s “With God On Our Side.” Soccer Mommy, on the other hand, performs “Circle the Drain” from her new album color theory.

“I’m here rallying, a one man rally for Bernie Sanders,” Vernon says in the video. “There’s so much going on, and there’s so much fear, and there’s so much pain, and there’s a lot of sickness, and there’s a lot of stillness and fear right now, and it’s about all I can figure out what to do right now. It goes without saying that my support is with him for the nomination of President of the United States, Bernie Sanders is one of the only people on the Senate floor saying the things that I want to hear about healing our world.”

Watch Bon Iver at 1:02:06 and Soccer Mommy’s performance at 16:17 in full below.