Watch: Bon Iver’s Entire Eaux Claires Set

Justin Vernon and friends give a memorable performance

Sometimes reunion tours can be, well, less than spectacular. A bad reunion show can ruin your image of a band’s ability and leave a bad taste in your mouth for the rest of time. Bon Iver’s return set to Eaux Claires however, was the total opposite.

After nearly three years of silence from the band, Justin Vernon and a bunch of very special guests returned to put on one of the most spectacular final performances ever witnessed. Thanks to a Redditor who discovered the above video from a YouTuber Paul Seal of the entire fan-shot video, with high sound quality.

Though rumours started to float about of a Bon Iver reunion after it two brand new songs were performed during this set, Vernon has since denied it. Talk about leaving a lasting memory.

Bon Iver Set:
Intro 0:34
Heavenly Father 3:20
Lump Sum 7:23
Towers 13:11
Calgary 16:53
Flume 23:05
Blindsided 26:00
Brackett, WI 32:20
Babys 36:25
Holocene 41:35
Perth 48:32
For Emma 53:33
The Wolves (Act I and II) 58:10
New Song #1 1:04:40
New song #2 1:08:52
Skinny Love 1:14:00