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Watch: Bookie’s Crackle & Pop Featured on CBC

It’s only within the last few years that vinyl records have made their huge comeback. The CBC recently aired a segment about the revival of vinyl that featured none other than Toronto radio legend and Indie88 announcer, Bookie.

“[Listening to vinyl] is like a warm hug. How I feel when the album comes on is that something is embracing me and has given me love. And there’s nothing wrong with this (digital) but this is more like a firm handshake and I’ll take a hug over a handshake any day.”

Crackle and Pop is a weekday on-air feature sponsored by Big Rock Brewery where Bookie plays one of his favourite songs from his own record collection. You can catch it weekdays at 9:45am and 3:45pm.

Watch the CBC segment below:

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